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At Accurate Arms we strive to provide you with the simplicity of a complete turnkey rifle
system, delivered to you with unconditional accuracy, and the ability to insure that long range confidence.

Once your model and options are finalized we begin the steps of the process to build your system.

First - We choose from our select components, and begin the gun smithing of your Accurate Arms Rifle. Each step is measured and calibrated to exact tolerances, and inspected as rifle progresses.

Second - Upon completion your rifle goes through 100% final inspection, and then Load Development begins.

Third - We test and tune each rifle to insure accuracy meets our 3/8 to 1/2 inch accuracy guarantee, a minimum of 3-5 test groups will be fired to determine the load is exact.

Forth - The rifle is setup with the correct custom turret for your long range scope, and or sighted in for TDS or BRX reticles.

Fifth - We package the rifle into our hard case and shipped via UPS / FedEx to your local FFL Dealer.

Sixth - The excitement is beholding with the experience of hunting with a true long range system, built just for you by Accurate Arms Rifles.

How to Order

Accurate Arms Rifles strives to deliver your custom rifle in a six month time frame. Please call to check our current build schedule.

All rifles require a deposit to start your custom rifle project. Forms of payment Visa or MasterCard, Certified Checks and Wire Transfers.

To order you Accurate Arms Custom Rifle, contact us over the phone to discuss your model and caliber and any technical questions you may have. Also feel free to drop us an email.

Accurate Arms Rifle LLC.
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205-361-6232 Cell

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About Accurate Arms

Accurate Arms Rifles Company was founded some 25 years ago, setting out to provide sportsmen and sportswomen with an elite custom rifle built on traditional concept of reliability, accuracy and impeccable craftsmanship.

Accurate Arms Rifles has Master Gunsmiths producing our World Class Sheep and Mountain rifles, Tactical and Safari rifle. Our staff is skilled and diverse in machining, CNC programming, and the finest of sculpting for a true seamless custom rifle.


In 2009 Accurate Arms Custom Rifles LLC begun a new era with Ricky R. Allen as CEO. Ricky brings forth the managing and marketing for Accurate Arms Rifles and directs all sales of the company. With a background in Business and Technical Engineering. Ricky is a active hunter traveling abroad to extend the passion of his companies.

Accurate Arms Rifles LLC line of World Class Custom rifles are unlike conventional firearms, our long range shooting systems are capable of precision shooting at all ranges out to 1000 yards.

Our systems are tested by an elite hunter globaly, while hunting the most sought after trophies, Sheep of the WORLD, on Safari, Elk and Mule Deer alike.

All the best,

R. Ricky Allen